Cognac and yellow amber jewellery set- silver .925

Cognac and yellow amber jewellery set- silver .925

This unique and very rare amber set is a wonderful display of modern southwest design jewelry.

It is a 2 piece set: earrings and pendant. Each piece greatly complements each other. It features exceptional honey&yellow amber stones, which are all set in sterling silver.

This majestic set makes the perfect gift for anyone.

Material: Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver .925

Color: Honey and yellow amber

Handcrafted in Poland

100% Natural Baltic Amber

Item will be sent in lovely gift box with

Snake silver chain (1mm) is included.

When you place an order, please specify your silver chain length(17.7" or 19.7" or 21.7 ") in the comments section of the online order form.

Earrings - 30 mm -  total length, amber stone -8 mm x 10 mm 

Pendant - 33 mm total length, amber stone -13 mm x 8 mm

  • About Amber

    Amber is the Fossilised tree resin from ancient forests that have long since been lost in antiquity some 60+ millions of years ago and can vary in colour from red to yellow, green and blue and is the oldest decorative substance known.



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