Amber set - sterling silver 925

Amber set - sterling silver 925
  • This unique and very rare amber set is a wonderful display of modern southwest design jewelry. It features exceptional cognac amber stones, which are all set in sterling silver.
  • Sterling silver and real amber bracelet and earrings. 
    • Beautiful cognac, green and yellow amber 
    • Sterling silver .925
    • Limited quantity available
    • Made in Poland with love
    • Open construction
    • Arrives giftboxed, as do all our amber goods


    • These earrings are hand made from cognac color amber stones.
    • Made by Polish artisans and set in silver, these earrings are designed for the woman of today.
    • They would make a beautiful gift for any occasion.
    • 20 mm total length
    • Amber stones: 1 stone- 8 mm x 4 mm, 8 small stones - 3 mm x 3 mm
    • Weight: 5g
    • Made out of sterling 925
    • Color: Cognac


    • Simply a most elegant example of a bracelet.
    • Genuine Baltic amber
    • Weight: 17.50 g
    • Sterling silver .925
    • Multi-coloured Baltic amber pieces set
    • Length is approximately 21 centimetres (8.4")
    • Green Amber stone: 8 mm x 4 mm
    • Amber size: petite square stones 4 mm x 4 mm
    • Width of bracelet 10 mm
    • Arrives giftboxed



    Amber is said to be linked by its colour with the solar energy. In ancient China the word for Amber literally meant Tiger Soul, thus embodying the tigers strength and courage. Wear this potent natural material to bring out that strength and courage from within.











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