Sterling Silver Amber Pendant - lovely

Sterling Silver Amber Pendant - lovely

Beautiful and unique cognac amber pendant with shape amber in sterling silver frame.

Contain 100% genuine natural amber from Polish Baltic sea coast.

It is set in sterling silver and has a unique contemporary design.

Hand selected amber stone

Handcrafted sterling silver setting

Crafted in Poland

Length - 46 mm,  width - 18 mm

Amber stone: 32 mm x 15 mm

Free gift box 

Snake silver chain (1mm) is included.

When you place an order, please specify your silver chain length(17.7" or 19.7" or 21.7 ") in the comments section of the online order form.


Baltic Amber

Just as many other gems are treated and stabilized to bring out luster and shine, several of similar treatments are used on amber. Often times, Baltic amber is heated up to discoid fractures, or to produce the famous "sun spangles" (flints or scales). It is being roasted with oxygen to change the color of the surface. Cloudy amber, amber with tiny gas bubbles may be clarified in boiling oil. And some treat it in a vacuum gas chamber (autoclave) or furnace heated with nitrogen or argon.

In some cases, the back of an amber cabochon would even be painted and re-heated to give a green color to the piece on one of the pieces at the right.

 Fact is that both cases, to make these gems, Baltic amber substance might have been used, but heated, treated and colored. It is a far cry away from the raw amber found in the mine or at the Baltic sea shore. But it is certainly appealing to the eye. Presented in an elegant setting, the common and unaware customer might feel attracted. Especially if it is commercially praised as top quality and special. And, yes, you can get a certificate that it is real Baltic amber.




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