Geniune Baltic Amber Pendant - cognac amber stone -sweet leaf

Geniune Baltic Amber Pendant - cognac amber stone -sweet leaf


  • The sterling silver setting is handcrafted and although you may find pieces that look similar in concept, each is absolutely unique. 
  • The open back allows the light to shine through the amber and illuminate the interior detail of this living gemstone.
  • All the amber jewelry in this collection is very special and of all the pieces you see there is only one.
  • Hand selected amber stone
  • Handcrafted sterling silver setting
  • Crafted in Poland
  • Dimensions: total length 50 mm , width 30 mm
  • Amber stone: 24 mmx 25 mm
  • Free Gift Wrap
  • Snake silver chain (1mm) is included.

When you place an order, please specify your silver chain length(17.7" or 19.7" or 21.7 ") in the comments section of the online order form.

About Amber

Amber is an organic gem as it is the fossilized resin of trees. It occurs in many parts of the world but most of the deposits are small and not of a quality to make jewellery.

Slightly harder than a finger-nail, amber is very light and soft and floats in salt water. Because it is so light, very large and dynamic amber jewellery pieces can be worn comfortably and with ease.















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